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BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner with Wireless Scanning Probe

BBS Revolution™ – a Scanner with Trolley or a Portable Desk Top Scanner - now with unlimited distance training delivered remotely 

dBMEDx's BBS Revolution™ has been designed, developed and made in the USA by dBMEDx. BBS Revolution™ utilises innovative breakthrough technology to facilitate fully automatic bladder scanning to measure bladder volume and PVR in adults and children accurately and quickly.  

BBS Revolution™ is the easiest to use bladder scanner on the market! BBS Revolution™ improves user efficiency, reduces scanning time and reduces costs! BBS Revolution™ is the quality benchmark for the next generation of diagnostic ultrasound bladder scanners. 

BBS Revolution™ is available UK nationwide directly from us and from the NHS Supply Chain, the NHS Shared Business Services and the NHS National Services Scotland .      

BBS Revolution™ ​Bladder Scanner - models and costs

BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner with Trolley kit comprises of console with trolley and tray, wireless scanning probe and user manual. Initial supply of gel in sachets. Real patient demo DVD and how to use instructional DVD. Unlimited distance training delivered remotely. Certificates of Proficiency in operating BBS Revolution™ issued. Unlimited long-term phone support as required. CE 1639 and 5 years or 3 years warranty options on the entire scanner (i.e. console and scanning probe). Prices on request. Volume pricing available on request.  

Portable BBS Revolution™ Desk Top Bladder Scanner kit comprises of console on tabletop stand, wireless scanning probe, user manual and a carry case. Initial supply of gel in sachets. Real patient demo DVD and how to use instructional DVD. Unlimited distance training delivered remotely. Certificates of Proficiency in operating BBS Revolution™ issued. Unlimited long-term phone support as required. CE 1639 and 5 years or 3 years warranty options on the entire scanner (i.e. console and scanning probe). Prices on request. Volume pricing available on request. 

Point to note: The full set with the trolley can be converted easily to a portable desk top scanner, if or when required.  

Point to note: Registered Charitable Organisations can purchase bladder scanners VAT free. Please contact us for further information. 

BBS Revolution Bladder Scanner in made in the USA by dBMEDx, Inc

BBS Revolution - Benchmark Bladder Scanner - Join the Revolution! 

BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner with Wireless Scanning Probe - overview

BBS Revolution™ is the easiest to use and easiest to maintain bladder scanner on the global healthcare market! Designed for use by medical professionals at all levels, including nurses, paramedics, technicians, nursing assistants and carers, the BBS Revolution™ improves user efficiency, reduces scanning time and reduces costs!

BBS Revolution™ utilises innovative breakthrough technology to facilitate fully automatic bladder scanning. It is the Quality Benchmark for the Next Generation of Diagnostic Ultrasound Bladder Scanners.  

BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner has a hand-held wireless scanning probe and re​quires very little us​er training and very little expertise. The scanning can be performed quickly and easily by nurses and technicians, leading to fast diagnoses and happier patients as well as to significant time savings, reduced costs and greater efficiency.  

BBS Revolution features and benefits

  • Wireless scanning probe - hand held and light - works perfectly even at a distance
  • Wireless scanning probe features eight transducers that provide 180 degrees field of view for fast data collection across a broad surface area 
  • Incorporates sophisticated imaging technology for speed and greater accuracy
  • Automatic bladder location – no need for probe aiming
  • Automatic detection of male and female anatomy – no need to select different scanning modes
  • Automatic self-calibration with each scan – no need for annual calibration
  • Simple design and ease of use minimise user training requirements – the simplest and easiest to use bladder scanner available
  • Improves user efficiency, reduces scanning time and reduces costs
  • Wireless scanning probe simplifies cleaning and disinfection 
  • No maintenance or costly repairs – next generation technology at affordable price
  • Rapid and accurate bladder volume measurements – greater patient satisfaction   
  • Results you can trust!

Equipped with a wireless scanning probe and sophisticated imaging technology, the BBS Revolution automatically locates the bladder and differentiates between male and female anatomy to perform accurate bladder volume measurements speedily at a press of the button.

No need for mode selection or aiming of the probe – just few simple steps:

  1. Lift wireless probe and apply gel
  2. Place probe on lower abdomen
  3. Press the button to take measurement
  4. Read the bladder volume result

Wireless scanning probe takes measurements at a distance from the base unit, allowing operator to scan without bringing the trolley into patient’s room.        

Technologically advanced, the BBS Revolution™ automatically calibrates itself with every use, ruling out the need for annual calibration. Bare minimum operator training delivers results you can trust!   

BBS Revolution complies with the MDD 93/42/EEC (CE 1639) and is FDA cleared.

5 years and/or 3 years warranty options cover the entire system, such as the console and the wireless scanning probe. 

Developed and manufactured in the USA by dBMEDx.

Testimonials from users of the BBS Revolution™ in the UK

  1. We have been very happy with the BBS Bladder Scanner and have used it in acute clinical environments for research purposes. It is good scanner – simple to use with immediate, clearly visible results and comfortable for patients. Learning to use it is easy and quick. The machine is robust and easy to manoeuvre in a clinical environment as it is on a wheeled stand. This is good to ensure it is sufficiently mobile, but harder to carry away. Jo Booth, Professor of Rehabilitation Nursing & Ageing Well Research Group Lead, CI Electric Trial, Centre for Living, School of Health & Life Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow
  2. We have now five BBS Revolution scanners within MEHT and all of them have been well received by the clinical staff. I have spoken to various staff members that use this device and all confirm that it is easy to use, accurate and reliable. This device is now to be a part of MEHT’s standardisation programme in respect to medical devices. Thanks for all your support. Steve Farnden, Head of Biomedical Engineering, Mid Essex Hospitals Services NHS Trust, Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford  

Testimonials from users of the BBS Revolution™ in the USA

  1. 200 bed hospital in Colorado: "This is the easiest device I use as a nurse. I can have a student trained in 2 minutes“– Registered Nurse
  2. 400 bed University Hospital in Texas: “The staff are really enjoying the new units and staff on floors with old scanners are jealous!” – Nurse Director
  3. “We LOVE the BBS!!! We are using it with great success and excellent results! The nurses are so comfortable with the machine and it is already helping us to provide better care!” - Director of Nursing 
  4. "The BBS bladder scanner has been a great blessing to our clinic and we have thoroughly appreciated it's reliability."  - Senior Urologist

BBS Revolution™ – the Next Generation Bladder Scanner - History at a Glance

BBS Revolution™ is designed, developed and manufactured by dBMEDx in the USA. Founded in 2010 with a clear goal of revolutionising diagnostic ultrasound applications by making innovative ‘user friendly and kind to patients’ diagnostic ultrasound devices, the dBMEDx team consists of experts in medical devices, diagnostic ultrasound and medicine. 

dBMEDx BBS Revolution Bladder Scanner benefits from patented ultrasound technology that is capable of collecting multiple b-mode image slices leading to a true 3 D data set that is at the very heart of the automated calculation of bladder volume. It is a ‘next generation‘ ultrasound technology that is distinct and unrelated to other bladder scanner brands, designs and intellectual properties.  

The BBS in the BBS Revolution’s name stands for ‘Benchmark Bladder System’, the true bladder scanning ‘Revolution’. The inventor of the BBS Revolution is Bill Barnard, Chief Technical Officer and Lead Engineer at dBMEDx. Bill has years of experience with ultrasound bladder scanners, ha​ving worked for 14 years at Verathon and featuring as a named inventor on 12 ultrasound related patents. All of the experience gained while working at Verathon went into the design of the 'next generation' benchmark bladder system. Failure points and product weaknesses in existing devices were addressed in the BBS Revolution. Most importantly, the lessons learned from what could improve bladder scanning for the nurse operator and the ability to design an entire scanner from scratch, essentially a blank sheet of paper, led to the creation of the BBS Revolution, the Next Generation Bladder Scanner. 

BBS Revolution Bladder Scanner with Wireless Scanning Probe - specifications

Ultrasound Output

  • Ispta (derated): 5.0 mW/cm²
  • Isppa (derated): 0 – 60 W/cm²
  • Maximum MI: 0.95
  • TIS/TIB/TIC Range: 0.0 – 4.0


  • Bladder Volume Range: 0 – 999 ml
  • Bladder Volume Accuracy on a Tissue Equivalent Bladder Phantom: ± (12.5% + 12.5 ml)

Power: Internal battery, up to 8 hours of continuous use (circa 700 scans)

Display: 800 x 480 Colour Backlit Display

Wireless Radio: Class 1 Bluetooth

Environmental Conditions for Use

  • Ambient temperature range: 10° to 40° C (50° to 104° F); RH: 20% to 95% non-condensing; Atmospheric pressure range: 700 hPa to 1060 hPa    

Environmental Conditions for Storage

  • Ambient temperature range: - 20° to 60° C (- 4° to 140° F); RH: 20% to 95% non-condensing; Atmospheric pressure range: 500 hPA to 1060 hPa    

Call us on 01835 864866 to request a demo presentation of the BBS Revolution Bladder Scanner with Wireless Scanning Probe.

BBS Revolution™ - Better Bladder Scanner - Join the Revolution! 

BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: The BBS Revolution has eight transducers, whilst other scanners typically have just one transducer.  Why is this important?  What are the advantages?

A: A transducer is the component in the system that collects the actual ultrasound data.  With eight transducers, the BBS Revolution™ is able to collect the data faster and across a broader surface area.  This provides two main advantages:

Because the BBS Revolution™ collects the data very quickly (0.2 seconds versus 3-4 seconds in case of other scanners), it is resistant to motion.  Probes of other scanners have to be held very still during the entire 3-4 second scanning duration to prevent blur of the data leading to inaccurate bladder volume measurement.   

Because the BBS Revolution™ collects from a broad surface area, it can accommodate bladders that are very close to the skin.  Other scanners cannot accurately measure such ‘proximal’ bladders.

  • Q: What about male/female mode selection that is required on other bladder scanners?

A: Other brands of bladder scanners have to know the gender of the patients and even more specifically, they need to know, if the patient has a uterus (use the female mode selection) or does not have a uterus (use the male mode selection).

The BBS Revolution™ is the next generation bladder scanner and does not require any patient selection criteria or modes. Extremely wide angle of view produced by the new technology in the BBS Revolution™ is able to distinguish the bladder from other organs, such as the uterus, which other scanning technology is not able to recognise.

  • Q: Does the BBS Revolution work on pregnant patients?

A: The BBS Revolution™ is contra-indicated for foetal use and should not be used on pregnant patients. The same rule applies to other bladder scanners.

  • Q: What about patient size?  How deep does the ultrasound penetrate?

A: The BBS Revolution™ is specified to penetrate down 19 cm, similar to other bladder scanners. It is suitable for use on both children and adults, including obese adults.  Very small children/infants (i.e. below 15 kg body weight) are generally too small for getting accurate measurements from.

  • Q: What can be used for cleaning of the device?

A: All standard hospital cleaning/disinfecting agents can be used, including diluted bleach, alcohol wipes, etc. 

From the operator’s manual:  After each use, wipe the scanner with a soft cloth or paper towel to remove excess gel. Mild soap or detergent can be used to clean the unit.

Disinfect the unit with bleach wipes or any glutaraldehyde based hospital disinfectant solution applied with a dampened cloth.

  • Q: How far does the wireless connection work?  Will it interfere with other wireless devices?

A: The wireless probe is the key differentiator for BBS Revolution™, enabling usage in special circumstances, such as isolation rooms or wards. The console can be left outside of an isolation room and only the wireless scanning probe brought into the isolation room.  The wireless connection has a range of 30 feet. The wireless technology is standard Bluetooth technology, which is accepted for use in clinical environments as it does not cause interference with other wireless devices.  Additionally, each time the wireless scanning probe is docked in the cradle of the console, the scanning probe and the console ‘pair’ automatically. This means that the Bluetooth connection the BBS Revolution™ utilises is very robust, efficient and easy to use.

  • Q: Does the BBS Revolution have a printer? Does it connect to electronic medical record (EMR) systems?

A: No, the BBS Revolution™ does not have a printer nor is able to connect to electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

The BBS Revolution™ does not store measurements or patient information. It simply measures the bladder volume and displays the result.  Once the unit turns off, the result is gone.  It is exactly like a thermometer – simple, concise and without potential risk of confidential information loss. 

The bladder volume measurement should be subsequently entered manually into patient’s notes or electronic medical records. The potential for error related to manual data entry is small as the bladder volume measurement consists of 2 or 3 digits only.  

Additionally, at the time of displaying a measurement in ml on the console screen, a bar code is also displayed. This bar code can be read and interpreted back into a measurement by any bar code reader (i.e. on smart phones).   

  • Q: Does BBS Revolution work with patients, who have ascites (fluid in the peritoneal cavity)?

A: It is difficult to automatically discriminate between free fluid in the abdomen and urine in the bladder. All bladder scanners struggle to provide an accurate bladder volume measurement in such circumstances; however, the BBS Revolution™ has some inherent advantages due to the new scanning technology and generally performs better than other bladder scanners in this type of challenging patients.

  • Q: How do I know I measured the correct volume with BBS Revolution?  Other bladder scanner units show pictures of the bladder in the middle of the cross hairs or a small ultrasound picture of the bladder.

A: The BBS Revolution™ has consistent spatial resolution everywhere; the other bladder scanners have the best spatial resolution only in the centre of their field view. Hence they require the users to target the bladder and get the bladder in the centre of the field of view for accurate readings. 

Using the BBS Revolution™ – as long as the bladder is within the field of view anywhere, the BBS Revolution™ will provide accurate measurement. Aiming of the probe is just not necessary.  All you need to do to get correct readings is to use generous amount of gel to cover the scanning probe and then hold its handle vertically up and press firmly into the belly. 

  • Q: How long does the battery last on the BBS Revolution?

A: The battery should last a full day in a very busy Urology clinic and should be recharged each night.

In a general hospital, it may last for a number of days before requiring a recharge.  The system alerts the user, when the battery is getting low - using a battery icon on the right of the console – similar to battery indicator icon on the mobile phones.  It takes about two hours to fully recharge the system from a low battery status. The unit can be plugged in indefinitely as the battery charger automatically turns off once the battery is fully charged. 

  • Q: When do I need to replace the battery underneath the base of the BBS Revolution?

A: The battery is intended to last the lifetime of the unit and replacement is not necessary.  If, for some reason, a user was insistent that the battery is changed due to hospital policies, then it can be easily replaced by in-house engineer.  A replacement battery is inexpensive and can be purchased from the distributor, who supplied the bladder scanner.   

  • Q: What about the battery in the wireless scanning probe?

A: The battery inside the wireless scanning scanner is not replaceable, but lasts for the lifetime of the device.  If the wireless scanning probe is returned diligently to the cradle after each use, the battery should last well over 5 years and longer. Over a period of time, eventually, the length of time the wireless scanning probe can operate without a recharge will progressively decrease.

The key to the wireless scanning probe battery longevity is to place the probe on the console cradle momentarily for several seconds after each use to replenish used up battery power in an ongoing manner.    

  • Q: An experienced ultrasound technician asked “What is the frequency of the transducers? Is there a way to adjust the power for different sized patients?”

A: BBS Revolution™ uses 3.6 MHz transducers and the user does not need to worry about making any adjustments.  Technicians performing ultrasound typically have to make a number of adjustments to improve the appearance of the ultrasound image so they might ask this kind of question.  The image analysis technology in the BBS Revolution™ automatically analyses the data in a way that is very similar to the technician adjusting the power.  The technology that performs this analysis is very sophisticated, but the user just needs to press the button and read the volume measurement on the screen. 

BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner  - the new standard in bladder scanning!   

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