Facial Saunas - Facial Steamers – Steam Inhalers – Steam Vaporisers

Facial Saunas - Facial Steamers – Steam Inhalers – Steam Vaporisers for Home Use

Steam has many beauty benefits. It is great for opening clogged pores and deep cleansing of the skin. Steam invigorates and increases facial blood flow that delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin layers, simultaneously helping to remove accumulated impurities.     

Steaming cleanses skin better than mere washing or cleansing that mainly target skin surface. Steaming opens pores and can help to prevent formation of blemishes and pimples and effectively contribute to prevention of acne. Following facial sauna treatment, skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin through open pores for greater effects of active ingredients and nutrients.

Steaming can be enhanced by adding few drops of aromatic oils, herbs or medicinal herbs. With a facial sauna everyone can create own personal spa at home.

Benefits of facial steaming

  • Provides a relaxing spa-type experience at home
  • Deep cleanses the skin and opens pores
  • Helps to remove debris, dead skin cells, accumulated impurities and toxins
  • Helps to reduce pimples and blemishes – helps to minimise outbreaks of acne
  • Helps prevent skin dryness and softens the skin
  • Has anti-aging skin smoothing rejuvenating effects
  • Helps skin creams, serums and gels penetrate deeper through open pores
  • Makes active substances from skincare work more effectively
  • Helps to ease congestion, blocked and runny nose, asthma symptoms and
  • Helps to reduce sinus discomfort and bronchitis problems  
  • Soothing steam induces relaxation

Facial saunas and steam inhalers are commonly used products that help with everyday beauty matters and minor ailments, such as common colds, runny noses and sinus discomfort. Facial saunas and steam inhalers are affordable and present a good long term investment in beauty and wellbeing.

Facial Saunas and Steam Inhalers are safe to use, however, it is important that they are used in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and that recommended frequency intervals between individual sessions are observed. 

Facial Saunas - Facial Steamers – Steam Inhalers – Steam Vaporisers are inexpensive aids that provides simple solutions to everyday issues and present a good investment in wellbeing and beauty care available at home.         

Facial Saunas, Steam Inhalers and Steam Vaporisers offered on our website

  1. Beurer FS 50 Facial Sauna with Steam Inhaler
  2. Beurer FC 72 Ionic Facial Sauna
  3. Beurer SI 40 Steam Vaporiser

Facial Steamers and Steam Inhalers – affordable simple answers to many everyday beauty and wellbeing matters at home. 

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