Anal Balloon Probe RU/ABFT

Anal Balloon Probe RU/ABFT for Pressure Biofeedback

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Anal Balloon Probe RU/ABFT is indicated for pelvic floor rehabilitation and continence therapy with pressure biofeedback. 

Anal Balloon Probe RU/ABFT features a silicone balloon always inflated with a standard volume of air. The silicon balloon is pre-inflated with a standard amount of air to ensures greater precision of the pressure biofeedback measurements and consistent reproduction of the measurements on repetition.    

Please note that the anal probe RU/ABFT with pre-inflated silicone balloon represents a clear advancement over traditional pressure probes with deflated balloons that require manual inflation after insertion of the probe. Manual inflation cannot guarantee that the same amount of air enters the balloon each time the probe is inflated and consequently, the measurements obtained may not be precise or easily reproducible.   

Anal Balloon Probe RU/ABFT with pre-inflated silicon balloon is indicated for use with pressure measuring devices equipped with standard connections (ISO 594), such as Totem-UG and evoStim P.  

Anal Balloon Probe RU/ABFT specifications

  • Anal Probe made of food grade ABS material
  • Single user anal probe
  • Pre-inflated silicone balloon
  • 95 mm long
  • 14 - 20 mm diameter
  • CE 0051
  • 2 years warranty
  • Made in Italy by BeacMed

Anal Balloon Probe RU/ABFT – the perfect companion in pelvic floor rehabilitation with pressure biofeedback. 

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